Hello world!

Well this is my first blog,

i am completley to all of this but i am willing to give it a go… so let me know what you think…

firstly YAY i got my copy of Breaking Dawn part-1¬†yesterday and i have finally finished watching it now for round 2 LOL not really i’m not that bad but i am soo looking forward to the 20/26 of march for the part-2 teasers wondering what they will include considering the part one tesers had clips from the second film… intresting

anyway onto other stuff… just living life as well as i can at the moment considering my poor health hoping i will get better soon but its making me wonder why do we get ill at all if we were all supposed to have been in some way designed by an omniscient¬† and benevolent presesnce than why do we get ill would’t/ Shouldn’t we be designed to prevent this… like that poor guy Tony Nicklinson he is suffering from locked in syndrome and all he wants is to die when he chooses as life is not lookin so great for him but why has he got to that point and should he be allowed to choose his death, does this mean there will be a breakthrough in the court of justice and high courts, as he has got further than any other person who has applied for the right for example Diane Pretty who was denied all attempts to appeal

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